Training & Development

We understand the importance of professional development and offer training and development services to our clients. Our services include various forms of training and development, such as workshops, seminars, mentorship programs, and on-the-job training. By investing in the professional growth of their employees, organizations can ensure that they have a skilled and capable workforce that is able to adapt to changing industry trends and demands. Furthermore, investing in the development of employees can also help to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. The scope of our services include:

  • Lectures and Presentations: we provide presentations on various topics related to project scheduling, such as tips for using Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project, as well as project performance metrics such as Earned Value, Earned Schedule, and Progress Tracking. These presentations are tailored to the specific needs and skill level of our clients.
  • Online Courses and Training: We offer online courses and training in Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Additionally, we can provide remote support in reviewing reporting processes and implementing improvements.
  • Customized Hands-on Program: We understand that every organization has unique needs, therefore, we offer the opportunity to develop a customized hands-on program that addresses the specific needs of our clients. This includes providing practical exercises and real-life scenarios to ensure that our clients are able to apply their new skills in the workplace.

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