Our schedulers have advanced knowledge in Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project. Coupled with programming capabilities, our scheduling professionals are able to maximize efficiency. See below for some of the services we currently offer and get in touch with us today to find out more.

  • Preliminary quote schedules and bid schedule preparation
  • Baseline schedule creation
  • Manage and progress detailed resource loaded P6 schedules
  • Produce and maintain resource histograms
  • Various types of analysis including earned schedule analysis, schedule sensitivity analysis and schedule variance analysis
  • Provide regular schedule updates
  • Reporting template creation based on the client’s specific needs

Sample project schedules are created using a simple pipeline construction project. Click on the images for a high resolution PDF.

Preliminary Quote Schedules

A contractor will need to develop a preliminary project schedule when preparing their proposal. The preliminary schedule breaks the project into a few high-level activities which provides essential information to those assessing the contractor’s proposal. 

Our experts will work with your Estimation team to create a similar preliminary schedule for your proposal.  The schedule above shows a clear critical path (red activities on the Gannt chart) as well as a manpower histogram that will show your client that you have a realistic executable plan to complete the project.

Baseline Schedules

Having an accurate baseline schedule is a critical part of any successful project. The baseline schedule gives you the ability to plan your project accurately and can be used as a tool to measure performance by reporting on schedule variance. The schedule baseline can be used to compare where you planned to be at a certain time in the project against where you actually are.

Progressed Schedules

This example shows a progressed schedule that is being measured against its baseline.  The last column (Baseline Variance Finish) shows in days how far ahead or behind each activity is against its baseline finish date.  The below example shows that the project is running 4 days behind due to a delay caused by procurement.  Our experts at Schappert Associates will be able to work with your project team to create your project’s Baseline schedule and Progressed schedules to produce variance reports with detailed explanations of any delays shown in the schedule.

Progress Report

Using the data from the progressed schedule and baseline schedule, our experts will be able to give you reports on your project’s productivity using such methods as, Earned Value or just a simple budgeted vs actual unit report.

Shown in the example is a budgeted vs actual units report which will give you insight into how many hours you have remaining vs how many you thought you would burn.